About Us

At Amazing Athletes, we use sports as a catalyst to meet the needs of the whole child through non-competitive, sports-based fitness classes designed to advance each child’s individual motor-skills and inspire future participation in physical activity.

Why Is Physical Activity Important?

Everyone knows that participation in physical activity keeps the body healthy, but few understand that participation in physical activity is actually a critical piece of healthy human development that affects every area of human development.
Consistent participation in physical activity, especially when starting from a young age, leads to positive attributes in all 5 areas of development.
All of our Amazing Athletes programs are specifically structured and designed to provide our athletes with positive movement experiences that allow them to enjoy sports and fitness while also advancing their motor-skills so that they can confidently pursue any physical activity that interests them in the future.
  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Intellectual

  • Social

  • Individual

What Sports Do You Cover?

Depending on the program your athlete is registered for, they will be exposed to up to 10 different sports.
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Track & Field

each one of our weekly classes includes the following sections

  • Cardiovascular Endurance

  • Stretching & Flexibility

  • Speed & Agility

  • Strength & Anatomy

  • 1-2 Sports + Sport-Specific Skills

  • Team-Building Activity

  • Nutritional “Power Food”

  • Motor-Skill Challenge

How Do I Get Started?

Since Amazing Athletes follows a year-round curriculum, you can enroll your child at any time throughout the year. Find a class near you by checking out our classes page. You can also review our policies page for more detailed information about our class policies.

How Do I Bring Amazing Athletes To My Child’s School?

If you do not see your child’s preschool or daycare listed on our classes page, we’d love to hear from you. Not only will we stop in to visit your facility, but, with their permission, we will also provide a FREE sports-day to every enrolled child.